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As specialists in natural stone restoration and maintenance, we work closely with stone suppliers across the South of England. We take a closer look at a project we completed with Natural Stone Consulting.

Caring for your stone from day one

Working partnership with stone suppliers means that clients can purchase natural stone in confidence. Should anything go wrong there is always an expert on hand.

More importantly, stone suppliers can install beautiful stone surfaces and provide clients with Athena Stonecare’s simple maintenance advice to ensure that their products elegantly endure. Choosing limestone, marble or granite over a man-made tile is an investment in a material built to last. Giving clients the right information on how to care for their stone, as well as having a recommended expert should they want the stone professionally restored, shows a true commitment from suppliers to their product.

When to professionally restore your stone

One of the most beautiful things about using natural stone is that it is timeless. No matter how many trends go by, natural stone will always be in fashion. As a durable material, natural stone will continue to add beauty and elegance to any space for many years.

There is no set timeframe that a stone surface must be professionally treated, and this is mostly due to personal preference. Over time through general wear and tear the original sealant used to protect the stone will become less effective. This is usually noted when staining occurs more easily or the stone is becoming harder to keep clean. For some, this natural patina adds to the character of the stone. For others, they long for the original splendour of the stone and seek out a specialist to restore its original condition.

Working with Natural Stone Consulting

Having recently redecorated their kitchen, our client decided it was time to bring their limestone floor back to life. The homeowners had taken great pride in maintaining the floor since its installation and the stone was in excellent condition. However, being based in the countryside with friends and family often visiting, meant that the floor had seen a lot of foot traffic. This started to take its toll with certain areas of the floor starting to dull more quickly than others.

An internet search left the client with little confidence in finding a specialist with the expertise to look after their stone. So she gave their stone supplier a call to see if they had any recommendations.

Natural Stone Consulting are a Newbury based stone specialist who are committed to ensuring that the natural stone they supply will be always be stunning feature of their clients’ homes. Sam and Andrew are a husband and wife team who share the values of Athena Stonecare’s Directors. Their passion is to provide exquisite stone surfaces.

The Project

Following an initial deep clean to remove any existing sealant to the limestone floor tiles, the stone was resurfaced. Due to its textured finish and bevelled edges this was accomplished using 220 grit abrasive honing powder. Used with a stiff polypropylene brush on a rotary machine, this enabled the team to evenly resurface the floor. The stone was then sealed with an impregnating sealant to protect the stone from penetrating stains. A satin finish surface wax was applied to bring back the soft sheen it had when it was newly installed.

Sam from Natural Stone Consulting visited the team on site and commented:

“It was great to watch them get to work on this floor and also see the finished results. They have truly restored the client’s limestone back to its former glory while still maintaining the character it has gained over time.

“We are asked on a regular basis whether stone flooring is easy to maintain and also durable enough for a busy home or commercial space. Our answer is always yes.

“The client’s floor has been down for almost eight years and only now have they sought to have it professionally cleaned and restored.

“We recommend periodically re-sealing a stone floor to give it extra protection. Other than that, day-to-day maintenance and cleaning is simple and straight forward.

“There are many myths surrounding the durability of natural stone versus, for example, porcelain tiles. But stone IS timeless and can survive decades, and in some cases centuries, in the same place.”

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