Patio Cleaning and external stone

We provide patio cleaning including specialist stain removal from external limestone, sandstone and granite.

Often the first impression someone will have of your home is the outdoor space and we care about helping your house stand out and make an impact that lasts. That is why we have sought out the best products available to ensure that we are able to not only restore your patio, driveway or front steps by removing moss, lichen and marks caused by mildew and weathering but also protect it.

Using high pressure water and a specialist solution, we are able to restore the beauty of the stone used in your driveway, external walls, pillars or swimming pool surround. In addition to patio cleaning we have also provided bespoke services for statues so please enquire for a quote for more specialist treatments.

Diamond grinding and polishing

Stone types
Marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo.Rooms
Floors, walls, worktops, staircases, vanity tops.MORE INFO

Deep cleaning

Stone types
All – Rooms Floors, walls, worktops, staircases, vanity tops.MORE INFO

Sealants and impregnators

Stone types
Floors, walls, worktops, staircases, vanity tops.MORE INFO

Additional services

Stone types and room

Patio and external stone

Stone types:
limestone, slate, sandstone, Yorkstone, brick.Rooms:
Patio, outdoor steps, statues, pillars, driveways.MORE INFO

Victorian tiles

Floors, outdoor steps.


Stone Cleaning

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