For most of our customers, we recommend putting a maintenance programme in place. This usually takes the form of an annual or bi-annual treatment that protects their natural stone. This ensures that it looks as stunning as the day it was installed. When you purchase natural stone, you are making an investment, much the same as purchasing a luxury car. Just like your luxury car, natural stone will require correct maintenance to keep it in working order.

Unlike a luxury car that you might keep in a garage and never use, it is difficult to keep your stone from being damaged or degrading. Even cleaning will have an impact as water will penetrate through the natural material and cause marks, etches and pits.

Our natural stone maintenance programmes are designed to follow an initial deep clean or restoration process. We can then provide a less intensive treatment on a more regular basis. This is not only more cost effective for you, but also ensures that you’re stone never dulls and retains that wow factor.

We specialise in designing maintenance programmes for commercial settings. Our experience includes retail boutiques and managed blocks of flats, so get in touch today to discuss the needs of your business.

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