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“You’ve made the floor a real feature of the property again”. This is one of our favourite testimonials. It came from a client who was about to move house. She’d never treated the travertine floor previously, but it was something that had been carefully chosen and much loved over the years. Polishing your stone is usually one of the last things on your house moving checklist, but it can make a huge difference to the sale of your property. We asked some of the industry leaders for their secrets, must haves and top tips for making a home transition as stress free as possible.

Before you start packing:

Charlotte from Bespoke Home Moves specialises in supporting clients to transition from one property to another. Whether you are moving temporarily for work or relocating the family, your house moving checklist should begin long before you put the ‘for sale’ sign up.

“As soon as you are thinking of moving, the preparation should start, it is crucial for an effective and stress free move. The old adage ‘to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail’ is never more applicable than in a house move or relocation. Time spent going through each room section by section will allow you to think about anything that you aren’t going to want in your new space.

Divide unwanted items between sell, recycle/gift, donate and dispose of and stick with that formula for all rooms. Categorise like items as you move through the rooms which will allow you to see clearly what you have multiples of and can therefore let go of surplus. Not only does this mean you are clearing space, you are also then only going to pay to move possessions you really want, need and use.

The next key task is to create room plans for the new property. Mark out where you see your existing items going and this will give you insight as to holes you may have for furniture, artwork and lighting. These room plans then come into their own during the move as they will be maps the removal team can work from to place furniture correctly first time round.”

There’s more than bubble wrap and boxes:

Once you are ready to start packing, it all starts to feel real and the excitement kicks in. This is when having a fool-proof house moving checklist is even more important. Abels Moving Services provides trustworthy packing, relocation and storage services. Being awarded with the Royal Warrant, Abels definitely know a thing or two about both making your packing efficient and ensuring that your important personal items are safe throughout the move. Here’s a few of their top tips:

Settling in:

Moving house should be a fun process. It shouldn’t be all about checklist and ‘to dos’ but about new horizons and opportunities. Although having a solid house moving checklist can make things easier, it can also be beneficial to get professionals to help out. This shouldn’t just be limited to packing and lifting! Charlotte explains a little more about what she offers at Bespoke Home Moves:

“It is not unusual to outsource a service when it isn’t your area of expertise. We can support you through the whole moving process. This includes the initial decluttering through to the unpacking and setting up of your new home. Our team of efficient, professional and experienced ladies will have the boxes unpacked and put away, your wardrobes styled, your beds made and if you wish, food in your fridge so you can be settled in straight away.”

Managing Multiple Properties

Many of our clients have multiple properties and so moving house can be more of a regular occurrence. This might meant that you’ll have a property that is vacant, with short or long terms tenants moving in. Yasmin from Glenfield Property Management, has been supporting HNW clients with the management of their properties for over 20 years. The expectation level is high, so delivery quality is of utmost importance. She offers her valuable insights for the ‘must haves’ for maintenance in between tenancies.

“Looking after your house is more than looking after the fabric of the property. It’s about nurturing it that love and attention it truly deserves. Vacant property management is just as important as providing reactive maintenance during a tenancy. Ensuring the asset register of is up to date is a good starting point. We also recommend accessing the fixtures, fittings, systems and utilities while a property is vacant. Refreshing the space through redecoration can breathe new life into it, ensuring it’s ready for your return or the next tenant. This is where partnering with an experienced property management company can make all the difference. We can undertake all levels of work from painting a single room to a full refurbishment. We will consult with you from concept stages right through to completion and remain within budget and schedule. With our trusted network of fully vetted contractors 24/7, you can rest assured that your property is in capable hands.”

Discovering your new home

A house only becomes a home when we add our personal touch. This usually means redesigning,  redecorating or renovating. However, it should also include discovering. Before you start to make changes in your property, it is well worth taking a little time to uncover what it already has to offer. If you have moved into a property with natural stone then you might just not realise how lucky you are. If the previous owner hasn’t kept the stone in good condition, then all is not lost. The beauty of natural stone is that it can be restored. You might not even realise what it should or could look like – or even what the stone is. We are always happy to help identify stone, provide a sample clean and reveal the hidden gems in your property.

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